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A log of the latest updates to ecoPortal

Click here for our Mobile App release notes. 

Released on 9 March 2023


Tag selector in Actions Manager, Visitor Management and Broadcast Notifications

You can now view your tags’ classifications* in the tag selector within the Actions Manager, as well as the Visitor Management and Broadcast Notifications Modules. A number of useful improvements have also been added into the selector to make it easier to select and find the tags you want to apply:

    • Added the ability to select / deselect all tags in just one click
      • All tags in the tree
      • All tags within a branch
      • All tags in the search or filter applied

    • Added an icon next to your default location
    • Added the ability to filter your tags by any classification

    • Added the number of tags selected displayed in the selector
    • Added the ability to search for a specific tag

    *This release brings us one step closer to our goal of allowing customers to be able to manage their own reporting structure and tags (if they wish to do so). Tags will no longer be limited to location alone and will be able to cater to any type of classification you wish to report on.

    Speak with you CSM if you are interested to learn more about setting up different classifications in ecoPortal.


    Released on 28 February 2023


    Actions Module*: Recurring Actions

    It’s now possible to create recurring actions in the Actions Manager. This means you can create actions and set them to fall due at a set frequency e.g. every week on a Monday.
    *This feature is only available to customers on our next-generation Actions Module

    • Added the ability to create a recurrence for actions on pages or standalone actions
      • Added a recurrence section to the actions sidebar, including a “Set up Recurrence” button.
        • The recurrence will be based on the originating actions’ due date. That means a due date must be chosen before the option to set up a recurrence will appear. 

        • Recurring actions need to be created in the Actions Manager. Therefore, when creating a recurring action in any other Module users will be asked whether they wish to save and proceed before being redirected to the Actions Manager to set up the recurrence.
      • Added the ability to choose how often the actions should repeat:
        • Input a number into the “Repeat every” field
        • Select either days, weeks, or months from the adjacent dropdown.
          Note: To repeat annually, simply enter 12 and select months under "Repeat every"
      • Added the ability to further refine the recurrence for weekly and monthly recurrences i.e. which days of the week (can select multiple days) or which day of the month.
      • Added the ability to select the Creation Date - in other words, how far in advance would you like the next recurrence to be created before it falls due. 
        Note: what you enter in the creation date field will impact your action age data - so keep this in mind when setting the creation date. We recommend aligning it with the most realistic estimate of how much time the assigned person will need to complete the action.
      • Added examples of when the next three recurrences will fall due and on which date those actions will be created in ecoPortal to help users see how their chosen settings will be applied.
      • Added the ability to select an end date for the recurrence. The default is never.

      • Added a summary of the recurrence to the action sidebar to confirm.
        Note: Anyone with permission to edit the action, will be able to edit the recurrence.

      • Added the ability when editing recurring actions to edit for just the one action, all actions that follow this one or all actions (meaning it will update historical actions as well). 
      • Added an icon to the action name to indicate that it is a recurring action. 
      • Added a suffix to the action ID to show that the action is tied to a recurring action.

      • In the Actions Manager, recurring actions are shown on the Action Info sidebar as one action and a summary of the repeat schedule. 

      • For recurring actions on pages, a list of the next five recurrences will be shown in the Actions Summary. 

      • Added the ability to quickly view all created actions related to the recurring action in the Actions Manager. 

      • Added the ability to choose to archive one action in the recurrence, one action and all following, or all actions.
        Note: If all actions are archived, this will include historical actions in the recurrence and hence these will no longer show in reports, charts and dashboards.


    Released on 15 February 2023


    To-Do now includes Tasks and Actions*
    Our next-generation Actions Module is centred around getting things done more efficiently. This latest release brings both Tasks and Actions (see what the difference is here) to the fore, allowing users to quickly view and take the steps necessary to complete all of their HSEQ to-dos.
    *Actions included with our next-generation Actions Module only.

    New To-Do section on the left sidebar navigation

    We’ve added a new section to your main ecoPortal sidebar called To-Do, where you will find quick links to your Tasks and Actions.

    Note: If your organisation is not yet using our next-generation Actions Module, you will only see Tasks here.


    Actions are now integrated into the To-Do List on My Dashboard

    The To-Do List on My Dashboard has traditionally provided users with quick access to their tasks, now it does the same for actions*.
    *Actions included with our next-generation Actions Module only.

    • Tasks and Actions are now displayed in separate tabs in the To-Do List
    • The number of outstanding tasks and actions have been made visible in the tab headers
    • The Actions Manager can be opened from the Actions tab and when clicked will display a filtered view of the users’ outstanding actions.
      Note: the Task Manager continues to be accessible from the Tasks tab and when opened will continue to display those tasks assigned to the user.
    • Individual Actions can be accessed from the Actions tab. When an Action on the tab is clicked, the user is taken to the Actions Manager where they will find the respective Action in the open sidebar. This is the behaviour even if the Action is associated with a page in a different register.
      Note: When tasks are clicked from the Tasks tab they will continue to take the user to the page where the task is located.
    • The sorting arrow is now located on the tasks tab, as only tasks can be sorted at this stage.


    Released on 31 January 2023


    Actions Module - Charts and Dashboards

    The latest instalment of our next-generation Actions Module is the ability to create charts and dashboards in the Actions Manager. Several design and usability improvements have been added exclusively to Actions dashboards, which will set the benchmark for ecoPortal dashboards of the future across the whole platform.

    New dashboard functionality (exclusive to Actions)

    • Move and resize elements on a dashboard using simple drag-and-drop functionality

      Actions DragDrop_V3
    • Add a dashboard and navigate between dashboard tabs using the Action Manager menu 

    • Dashboard sharing permissions have been reinvented to make them more flexible, make clear who has what level of access and improve the overall user experience:


      • Added a Share button to the dashboard sub-navigation bar from which permissions can be viewed by all and edited by those with edit permission. 
      • Added the ability for those with edit access to edit the permissions from the Share button, without having to be in edit mode already.
      • Added a lock icon to indicate that the dashboard is private to the user and has not yet been shared. 
      • Added the ability to share dashboards with specific user groups (as well as individuals and/or the entire org).
      • Added the ability for the dashboard owner and admins to transfer dashboard ownership to another person. The original owner switches to an admin of the dashboard.

      • Switch to a list view on a dashboard to see a list of the data specific to that dashboard. 
      • Add a description to your Dashboard which appears beneath the Dashboard title.

      • Filter dashboards via a new sidebar instead of a pop-up modal (in line with other Actions functionality).

      • Design improvements to make it clear when filters are persistent vs temporary.

    Functionality shared with other register dashboards

    • Create the following charts for dashboards to visually display datasets: including:
      • Time series charts: bar, line, area
      • Frequency charts: bar, pie
      • Heat maps
      • Bar charts:
        • Adjacent
        • Stacked
    • Create dashboards based on permissions.
    • Edit dashboards based on permissions.
    • Ability to click on datasets in the chart legend to remove them from the chart view. Click on the dataset again to make it reappear on the chart.
    • Ability to click through on a particular segment in a chart to drill down into the data.

    Released on 25 January 2023


    Contractor Management Module

    Contractor Organisation Field for Pages
    Introducing a new field type that allows users to select a Contractor Organisation from their Contractor Manager. Once added to a page, this field allows page permissions to be granted to people linked to the Contractor Organisation.

    Contractor Organisation Select Field for Pages

    Modal for selecting Contractor Organisations

    This new field can be configured to: 

    • Provide view or edit access to Contractor Administrators;
    • Provide view, edit or no access to users linked to the Contractor Organisation, who are not Contractor Administrators;
    • Provide access to the entire page (including all stages) or restrict it to the specific stage the Contractor Organisation field is on;
    • Choose whether to display the Contractor Organisation’s Approval Status alongside the Contractor Organisation’s name on the page.


    Released on 23 January 2023


    Visitor Management | Custom entry denial message for contractor requirements
    You can now customise the message shown to contractors who do not meet your contractor requirements and therefore fail to check in using the Visitor Management Module.

    • Added the ability to create a custom entry denied message as part of the kiosk configuration and set up process under contractor requirements. The message is configurable per site/kiosk.
    • Added the ability to embed a URL in the message.


    Released on 12 January 2023



    Contractor Management Module

    Page Permissions for Contractor Organisations

    It’s now possible to grant direct page permissions to contractor organisations.

    • Added a Contractors tab to the Permissions Modal, enabling users* to grant page permissions to any active contractor organisation in their Contractor Manager.
      • Search and select the Contractor directly from the permissions modal.
      • Choose whether to grant page permissions to the Contractor administrators only, or to all linked users. 
      • Choose to grant view or edit access. With edit access, the ability to create tasks, and be subscribed to receive page and task notifications can also be granted.
      • Should a Contractor Organisation be disabled in the Contractor Manager, all direct page permissions are removed.

    *Only applicable to users with the ability to edit page permissions.

    Released on 21 November 2022


    Schedule form creation across multiple locations
    You can now schedule pages to be created automatically across multiple locations at a set time and frequency. Individual pages will be created for each location selected.

    Released on 18 November 2022


    Register Integration for Visitor Management
    Get your visitors and/or contractors to review information from another ecoPortal register (i.e. Hazards and Risks) as part of the check-in process. 

    • Added a new kiosk configuration setting that allows administrators to choose a public* register to integrate into the Visitor Management check-in process.
      • Choose whether visitors, contractors or both must review the register information.
      • Select the public register to display for review.
        The register information will appear as a step in the check-in process and will be accessible to the guest on the check-in confirmation screen.
      • Turn on filter by location to ensure guests only need to review information relevant to the location they are checking into.
      • Choose whether to require users to acknowledge that they have reviewed the information by checking a checkbox.
    • Added the ability to preview the entries that will display to visitors and/or contractors as part of the set-up workflow.

    *To integrate a register into Visitor Management, the register must be made Public. Click here for more information on Public Pages.

    Released on 28 October 2022


    Export Actions
    You can now export actions, including a filtered selection of actions in CSV format. Exports remain available for download for a two-week period via the new export sidebar.

    • Added a new export icon to the header of the Actions Module. 


    • Added an exports sidebar allowing users to view and download exports that they themselves have generated in the last two weeks as a CSV file.
    • See which exports are in the queue, completed (and ready for download). 



    • A horizontal scroll has been enabled on page reference fields
    • We've made it harder to forget to allocate location tag(s) to new ecoPortal users.
      • The Set Location button has been made more visible on the invitation screen.
      • A reminder, in the form of a pop-up, will appear if you try to move to the next stage of the invitation process and location tag(s) have not been set.


    Released on 27 October 2022


    Visitor Management
    You can now customise the look and feel of your check-in process for visitors and contractors by adding  your primary corporate colour, logo and image. 

    • Added new configuration settings allowing users to input a colour, logo and image to appear on their Visitor Management check-in buttons and screens. The colour will also appear on any QR poster downloads.

    Public Pages
    You can now share ecoPortal pages in a view-only state with anyone - without the need for an ecoPortal login. 

    • Added a new register setting that enables all pages within a register to be shared by all users with access to the page.
    • Added a new Page Menu option, ‘Share Page’, that appears on pages within registers with Public Pages enabled. 
    • Added the ability for users to set access controls for Public Links, which provide access to Public Pages, including stage selection (when there are multiple started stages) and expiry options (set a date and time or set a number of times the link can be accessed).
    • Added automation that copies a Public Link to the users clipboard as soon as it’s been generated.

    Released on 19 October 2022


    • Save filters
      Splicing and dicing your data just got easier with the ability to now save and share your filters.
      • After applying any number of filters, users can save and name the filter.

      • Saved filters can be selected for use multiple times via the new “Saved Filters” tab that appears on the Filters pop-up modal.
      • Filters can be shared with others by clicking the ‘Share’ icon (next to delete). This copies the link, so it can then be sent to others.
      • Users accessing shared filter links, will see the filter applied only to the data they have permission to see. 
      • Saved filters can be deleted by clicking the ‘Delete’ icon. As saved filters are unique to each user this will not impact other users.

    • Filter groups
      Find the filters you are after faster using filter groups.
      • Find the filter needed quickly using the new filter group dropdown.

      • Filter groups are based on field types e.g. Date, Select or People fields.
      • Filters will appear in the drop down under their respective filter groups.

    Released on 15 September 2022


    • Visitor Management
      New filters on the Visitor Log of Visitor Management have been introduced, including “Location”, “Check in date”, “Visitor type”, and “Currently checked in".

    Released on 2 September 2022


    • Search Actions Manager by ‘assigned to’ and ‘class’ (standalone vs regular)

    Released on 1 August 2022



    • New filters, including ‘Action age’, ‘Assigned to’, ‘Class’, ‘Created date’, ‘Created by’, ‘Due date’ and ‘Status’ have been added to boost reporting capabilities of Actions.
    • Permitted users can now create and manage standalone actions. View and edit permissions can be configured based on the users' locations if desired.

    • Individual fields on pages can now be configured to allow for actions to be created against them. 

    • View, edit and complete actions faster via a new sidebar that opens from the Actions table view removing the need to open individual Actions pages.


    • In the Actions sidebar:

      • You can now edit and mark actions as closed without having to switch the entire page to edit mode.

      • View all changes made on a given Action via an activity stream that can be filtered to only show changes made by you.

    • Icons on fields updated with new styling.

    • Actions permissions update:

      • Users assigned to actions on a stage/page are given view permissions to the stage/page (with the exception of those assigned to them).

      • Users assigned to actions on a stage/page can only edit and complete the actions they’re assigned to, not all actions.


    • Disabled ‘Action type’ field from being visible when no actions types have been configured.

    • Fixed the count results in Actions not updating automatically when new actions are created.

    • Fixed ‘Assigned to’ and ‘Location’ info missing from Actions view mode.

    • Remove incorrect white labelling from toast messages and reverted to default colours.

    • Fixed issue where pages in idle throw an error after more than 24hrs.

    Released on 25 July 2022


    • Visitor Management
      Customising visitor management workflows based on location and/or visitor type is here! This includes the ability to:
      • Create new or edit existing check-in workflows
      • Customise fields for the check-in workflow
      • Customer check-in workflows based on location


    • Visitor Management
      The Visitor Log has been simplified to show name, email, location, check in and check out times only. Admins can click each record in the log to bring up all the Visitor or Contractor information entered as part of the check-in process.
    • A number of UI improvements have also been made to Visitor Management to facilitate the new workflow functionality.

    Released on 11 July 2022


    • Improved sorting and filtering by tableview columns within each register.

    Released on 21 June 2022


    • Broadcast Notifications
      Broadcast notifications provide you with a streamlined way to deliver stand-out messages straight to users’ smart phones as push notifications via the ecoPortal Mobile App.
      • Ability to send either a general notification or an alert notification depending on the severity of the event.
      • Ability to send to everybody or only those in specific user groups or locations.
      • Strengthen your emergency management with Alert Notifications
        • Configure the notification to require each individual to provide a response.
        • Choose to pin the notification to the header of the Mobile App.
      • Track delivery, seen and response metrics in real-time once a notification has been sent.
    • Checklist task filtering
      • Ability to restrict which people schema(s) the assigning of a checklist task is restricted to.

    Released on 15 June 2022


    • In-page navigation
      When accessing a page via the tableview of a register, you can now navigate to the next or previous page on the register list. The order of pages will default to the order in the table view. You will only be able to navigate between pages you have access to. 

    Released on 30 May 2022


    • Easier assignment of comment tasks
      The assignment of comment tasks has been simplified by removing the checkbox (one less click!) and adding a default option of “assign to none” into the drop down menu.
    • Improvements to pages

      Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 12.24.37 PM
      • Page Creators have been brought to the surface on Pages making it possible to add “Created By” into a Page Header and as both a filter and a column on register tables.
      • The view and edit icons in the page header have been replaced by a button with words to communicate functionality more clearly. The button is located in the header so the mode you are in remains visible at all times, even as you scroll the page.
      • The page menu icon has been updated from a vertical ellipsis to a horizontal ellipsis (...).
      • Page shortcuts are now created via the page menu (...), making for a cleaner page header. This replaces the star icon that was previously visible in the page header.
      • The page icons for the manual collapse and expansion of page sections have been updated to the more universal symbol of an up or downwards arrow (instead of + and - signs) - when in edit mode.
      • For users with permission to add fields: The + icon for adding fields to sections on pages has been made smaller and lighter in colour to make them less prominent on the page.
      • For users with permission to add sections: You can now add a new section anywhere on a page by simply hovering between two sections. This removes the need to create the section at the bottom of the page and then drag it into the right position.Page-Sections

    Released on 14 May 2022


    • Cross-register reporting
      You can now create cross-register reports using information in the People Manager, as well as other registers.
    • More people filters to aid reporting
      The addition of several People filters gives you more options when it comes to filtering and reporting. These include People creation, invitation status, log-in and last updated data. Some filters have also been renamed.

    Released on 14 April 2022


    • Visitor Management Module
      Know who is and has been on-site at all times with ecoPortal's new Visitor Management Module.
      • Your visitors and contractors can check-in using their own device (via a QR code), no ecoPortal account needed. No device? Administrators can also check people in and out.
      • You can set up kiosks instead or as well as using QR codes in 3 simple steps and without technical support.
      • Have access to an accurate visitor log at all times.  
      • Link with ecoPortal's Contractor Management Module to only allow approved Contractors to come on-site.
    • Managing contractors made easy
      Create a complete record of all the contractor organisations you work with as part of ecoPortal's Contractor Management Module. 
      • Contractor Admins can be assigned to their Contractor Organisation record, enabling them to invite, edit or remove their own staff members as appropriate. They will only have access to view people and pages directly associated or assigned to them.
      • Individual contractor employees can be linked to the Contractor Organisation they work for, which can be seen on the People and Contractor Organisation records.
      • Can be linked to ecoPortal’s Visitor Management and Contractor Management modules to ensure only contractors working for approved Contractor Organisations can check-in and come on site.


    • User Group restrictions
      When setting up a User Group, there is a new setting that indicates which groups a User Group member has the ability to add users to. In the example below, users in the Staff group will be able to add people to the Staff and Contractor groups, but not the H&S Manager group. 



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